The man of the hour, the myth, the legend. No not Seinfeld. Jerry Higby has worn many hats throughout the years. A former Navy man stationed with the Marines, he has seen the world and then some. He has lived in many places around the country from California to his current digs in Florida. He is a family man, with a great wife of 7 years and 2 children. He loves staying fit and trim. He'll occasionally cheat a little with his guilty pleasure - "Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips."

Wildlife Control is a pretty demanding calling. Squishing into tight quarters, wrestling with some pretty combative critters, dodging sharp claws and fangs, etc., etc. All in a day's work. Jerry's history with the military and a lifetime of sports and fitness allow him to perform the job top notch and in top shape. It's his ultimate thrill and it's what he loves - trapping, and relocating animals to new homes.

That's Jerry in an Armadillo shell!