Here are a few informational links that you may find helpful.

Snakebite Action Plan

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a snake, please dial "911" first! You can download a useful Emergency Snakebite Action Plan from the University of Florida website. It will give you information about what steps you can take after calling for your ambulance.
» Emergency Snakebite Action Plan (PDF)- EDIS Courtesy of the University of Florida


Snake Identification

The Florida Museum of Natural History provides an excellent snake identification chart. Check it out if you are wondering what type of snake is sunning itself on your back patio.


Local Health Department

Following are the websites and contact information for Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties' respective health departments. Any questions regarding rabies should be directed to them.

Lee County Health Department
Phone: » 239-332-9501

Collier County Health Department
Phone: » 239-252-8200

Charlotte County Health Department
Phone: » 941-743-1266


Local Animal Control

If you have a domestic dog that you need removed from your property, you can contact your local animal control for removal. This is usually a free service.


Calusa Nature Center

Our local Nature Center is in need of your help.  It has been in this community for over 45 years and has fallen into disrepair.  It is in desperate need of renovations and updating.  We have until April to start construction of a new aviary for our injured raptors.  Most of these birds will not have homes if we do not accomplish this goal.  Please check out the links below to find out how you can help.  Whether is a financial donation or volunteering your time it is desperately needed! or



If you need to report a nuisance Alligator - Please Call 1-866-FWC-GATOR! You can find more info on at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Website at: